Want Sex To Feel Good Again?

Want Intimacy To Feel Good Again?

(without Surgery?) 

(without Needing to Block-out Time
to get in the mood?) 

When you get more pleasure, more feeling, in less time, EVERY time... It makes intimacy AMAZING again!
You've heard of treatment for men, but now there's acoustic wave for women to increase sensitivity, so you can reach the height of climax easier... EVERY time

Want Intimacy To Feel Good Again?

Want Sex To Feel Good Again?

(without Needing to Block-out Time
to get in the mood?) 

(Without Surgery)

When you get more pleasure, more feeling, in less time, EVERY time... It makes intimacy AMAZING again!
You've heard of treatment for men, but now there's acoustic wave for women to increase sensitivity, so you can reach the height of climax easier... EVERY time.

70% Of Women Don't Orgasm During Sex

Recent studies show 70% of women aren't happy with their sex lives. Life is busy, and when it takes a long time to get where you feel ready, orgasms just aren't happening.  Just getting it done happens (or doesn't happen) more often than not. You should look forward to sex again, and get aroused and have natural lubrication even if there's very little time to "get ready." With acoustic wave therapy you can get what you want from intimacy again!

Acoustic Wave Therapy has been proven to safely reverse erectile dysfunction in 91% of men. 

Now it's your time!

So you'll have a proven, non-invasive solution to have pleasurable sex again!

"I Wanted To Get MORE Out Of Intimacy..."

Acoustic Wave Therapy Is Your Answer

It's time to experience the thrill and anticipation of great sex again!

Who Is This For?

Women who want more sensation & intensity

Women who don't get wet naturally anymore

Women who want to reach climax easier & more often

Women who want intimacy to be painless

Are you currently having issues with:

  • Difficulties getting aroused or painful sex?
  • Reduced Desire to get in the mood
  • Mood swings, lack of energy or depression?

We are your long term solution:

  •  Our Acoustic Wave Protocol increases sensitivity so arousal is faster and more intense and you are eager to get intimate 
  • Regain confidence in your ability to orgasm again, and more frequently
  •  Increase intensity of orgasms, so they feel amazing instead of short lived

Women's Sexual Health

Improve the blood flow to the clitoris, the only organ in the body whose sole purpose is for pleasure.

Simple, non-invasive treatment. 

Acoustic wave therapy enhance orgasms at the cellular level, which leads to longer, more intense orgasms, more frequently.

ALL consultations are completely discreet and confidential. Your comfort and privacy is our number one priority our at our clinic.

100% FREE, No-Obligation Consultation

5 Star Sexual Health Clinic in Provo, UT

Over 5 Years of Sexual Health Experience 

NO Pills, Surgery, or Shots 

Have Great Sex Again In 3 Easy Steps:

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  • Start Treatment

What is Acoustic Wave?

Questions About Our Therapy?

We know this works and want to ensure 
you're completely comfortable with the process.

Does Our Acoustic Wave Protocol Really Work?
Thanks to medical research studies done all over the world with thousands of participants, Acoustic Wave Therapy has been proven to safely increase blood flow for increased sensitivity for arousal, increase natural lubrication, increase intensity and duration of orgasms. So you'll have a proven,  non-invasive solution to feel good during sex again. 
What Can I Expect At My First Appoinment?
During your completely private and confidential appointment we'll ensure you're pulling right into a consultation room so there is no waiting in front of others to ensure you're completely comfortable in our clinic. We'll have you meet with our very own Dr. AJ Ludlow to discuss the issues you're facing, your medical history and the exact therapy options that would be best for you specifically.
What Is The Treatment Therapy Like?
Low-intensity acoustic waves applied tot he clitoral area promotes the growth of new blood vessels, and increased sensitivity. After your acoustic wave appointments, you'll start noticing things feel different, in a good way (women start to show increased sensitivity after just 1 visit)! 

Our Patients Love The Stronglife Family!

About Our "Strong Life" Women's Sexual Health Clinic

About Dr. AJ Ludlow, DPT

A California native, but has lived a total of 15+ years in Utah. Between receiving his undergraduate at Brigham Young University and his doctorate at the University of Utah, he now calls Utah his home!

He has traveled and researched extensively to find the most effective solutions for his patients. What someone would have once had to travel outside the US for, is now available right here in Provo, UT. 

Dr. Ludlow has 5 children and is celebrating 18 wonderful years with his wife and business partner.

We have an amazing Women's Health PTA

Heather is our newest physical therapy assistant with lots of experience in women's health. She will be doing the acoustic wave therapy after the initial consultation with Dr. Ludlow.

Improving Your Sexual Health Is Easier Than You Think:

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  • Start Acoustic Wave Therapy to see results as early as 1 visit
  • Enjoy natural and exciting experiences